3 Tips for Planning a Successful Bathroom Remodel

Over the years, bathrooms that start out glamourous can quickly become dated and when that happens, it’s time for a bathroom remodel. This process can be overwhelming with so many different decisions to be made but following these 3 tips will help you focus so that you’re able to make the right decisions for the most important aspects of the project.

Look at the Big Picture

Think about the functionality that you want from the space and talk to others who will also be using the bathroom. From there, draw up a list of what changes you will need, and what items are ‘nice-to-haves’ and which are essential. Then look at the budget that you have for the project, and factor-in a little bit extra to cover any unexpected issues that may arise once work starts. Once you have a clear picture in your mind, it’s time to talk to a Bathroom Remodeler.


Work with a Bathroom Remodeler

A bathroom remodeler will be able to share their experience and offer advice on the project. They’ll also be able to provide a clearer idea of what to expect cost-wise, how long the project will take to complete as well as handling the installation schedule for the different parts of the remodel.

In particular, their expertise will come in handy when deciding about:

  • Bathroom Layouts – most bathrooms have a standard sink, toilet, and bath with optional extras such as a shower or an extra sink (particularly in homes where the bathroom is used simultaneously by more than one person.)
  • Customizations – similar to a standard bathroom, customized bathrooms have a number of fixtures but will usually incorporate a unified look and feel with a matching countertop and built-in cupboards.
  • Wet Rooms – these are bathrooms that come with a shower that is not enclosed, where the water runs away through a drain in the floor This type of installation has important implications for waterproofing. 
  • En-Suite Bathrooms – here the bathroom remodeler will discuss the importance of ventilation (if the room doesn’t have a window, an exhaust fan will need to be installed to remove moisture). They will also discuss noise-reduction options, so that use of the bathroom does not have an impact on people in the bedroom.


Keep the Plumbing the Same

To keep costs down it’s important to keep the new floor plan as close to the existing one as possible. This will save a lot of money on renovation and demolition. An exception to this is if the house is old and the bathroom remodeler discovers outdated plumbing or wiring which might necessitate the installation of new ones. If this happens, it might be easy to move the location of the plumbing to fit in with the new design.

Keeping the same footprint needn’t be an issue for those on a limited budget. New styles and fixtures make it possible to create the impression of a large space. Ideas for this include the use of pedestal sinks to free up floor space, along with clear glass shower doors and large mirrors to increase (even double) the visual space.


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