4 Tips to Choose the Right Bathroom Remodeler

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A bathroom remodel can substantially increase a home’s value. Homeowners can expect a return on investment of over fifty percent of the cost of the remodel—if the renovations are done well. Choosing the right remodeler is key to not only getting the desired results but also getting quality results. 

Oak City Glass is a leading remodeling company serving the Clayton area. They are dedicated to helping homeowners make their dream homes a reality, and that starts with finding the right contractor for the job. Here are four tips from their team to choose the right bathroom remodeler.

4 Tips to Choosing the Right Bathroom Remodeler

Tip #1: Communication is key

A bathroom remodeler must be willing to listen to the customer at every step of the process to be certain that the remodel meets the client’s expectations. 

Does the contractor seem receptive and attentive during the initial meeting? Does the contractor ask relevant questions to build upon the homeowner’s vision? Is the contractor upfront about problems that might arise? Is the contract clear, and is the contractor willing to explain, discuss, and modify the provisions until the homeowner is satisfied?

Tip #2: Look for a track record of expertise

A blueprint for a dream bathroom remodel is only the first step. The bathroom remodeler must have the skills and know-how to bring that vision to reality. Before putting a deposit down on a bathroom remodel, be sure that their prior work reflects professionalism and quality. Likewise, ask for a gallery of the remodeler’s previous work and proof of experience with similar projects.  

Tip #3 Look for follow-through

A bathroom remodeler should be able to commit to a reasonable timeline for the completion of each step of the job. While evaluating a bid for a home remodel, be sure that the proposed timeline follows a reasonable schedule. 

Is the contractor prompt, prepared and professional during meetings? If a contractor is vague or sloppy when planning your home remodel, it may be a sign of more delays and frustration once the project is underway. 

Tip #4: Check references and get referrals

If a contractor has the expertise and a solid track record, their former clients should be willing to recommend their services. Visit review sites online and consider both positive and negative reviews. 

If friends, relatives, and other people in the community have had their bathrooms remodeled, ask them who did the work and whether they were satisfied with the experience and the end product.  

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