Choosing the Best Vanity Top for a Bathroom Remodel

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Functionality and durability are primary considerations when choosing a kitchen countertop. While bathroom countertops do not have the same requirements as kitchen cabinets, they still need to be durable and resilient to certain activities and chemicals.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association offers the following expert advice: “If you’re looking for a bathroom countertop—usually called a vanity top—look for something that will stand up to water, soap, toothpaste, cosmetics, and alcohol- and acetone-based liquids.”

What does this advice mean for the bathroom countertop? Functionality is still important, but design and style can be more at the forefront when selecting that perfect bathroom countertop for a new installation or remodel. Bathroom countertops are generally custom-made, leaving the style and design options wide open to personal taste. Vanity countertops can make a fashion statement and still be practical while providing additional workspace. The selection of a particular material can establish the tone of the bathroom. High-quality stainless-steel countertops are low maintenance and look fabulous in a contemporary bathroom. Aging enhances the look and beauty of stainless steel. Glass can also be striking and modern, but keeping it clean may be challenging. One alternative is to use glass tiles.

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Aside from appearance, other factors to consider are price, maintenance, and compatibility when investing in a bathroom countertop. Consider the following popular ideas when investigating and deciding which countertop is perfect for a bathroom remodel in Clayton, NC.


Granite is the Rolls-Royce of countertops. This rock material is durable, stain-resistant, and beautiful. In the past, it was the surface of choice for high-end bathrooms. Today, granite is gaining in popularity across a broad spectrum of home styles. The most durable of countertops, granite is the easiest to care for of any of the natural stone materials. Though relatively expensive, granite provides an elegant, luxurious look that is unmatched among its countertop competitors. If a solid granite slab is over budget, consider more affordable granite tiles.

Maintenance is somewhat challenging. Granite countertops need to be sealed every six months to a year. Clean the countertops with warm water and liquid detergent, and avoid abrasive cleaners that will scratch and dull the finish. Small chips and scratches in the granite can be polished down.

Manufactured Quartz

Manufactured quartz mimics the appearance of granite, limestone, or marble. This product is made up of 90% quartz particles. The synthetic composite comes in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses, and it is more resistant to scratches and stains.

Quartz is the material to use when considering a countertop with a specialized edging. Practical for the bathroom, quartz is easy to clean, durable, and does not require sealing.


While tile has always been a popular material for bathroom countertops, homeowners often complain about the need to clean the grout. However, tiles are now available in much larger sizes, which eliminate the need for numerous grout lines. Through-body or unglazed porcelain tiles are stronger than granite and about a third of the price. The wide variety of types of ceramic and porcelain tiles, including ones that have a metallic look, allow for incredibly beautiful designs. Tiles also work well with other materials such as glass or concrete. The beauty of using tile is that there are so many choices.

The grout complaint can be resolved in several ways. Using a colored grout that does not show dirt as easily and which plays off the color of the tile is one solution. A terra-cotta tile with a dark gray grout provides a striking contrast and also does not show grout issues as readily. In terms of general maintenance for tile, grout lines need regular maintenance and cleaning even with the use of different colors of grout. The tiles can be easily cleaned with any household detergent.

Solid-Surface Materials

One of the most popular countertop options available, solid-surface materials, is more affordable and easier to clean. Designed to look like natural stone, this countertop medium is an easy-to-maintain synthetic product that can be molded to fit any design specification. Using a solid-surface material is great if there is a concern about mold or mildew since the nonporous, hypoallergenic surface inhibits the growth of these allergens. Solid-surface materials are usually known by a brand name, such as Corian, Staron, Gibraltar, or Avonite.

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The aesthetic boundaries for bathroom countertops are less confining than for kitchen countertops. Pull out all the design and style stops; the options are prolific. Consult with an experienced bathroom design and remodel specialist to discover the wide selection of bathroom vanity tops for the ideal bathroom remodel.

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