Clayton, NC, Glass Installer Creates Beautiful Bathrooms Remodels

Oak City Glass

The team at Oak City Glass offers turnkey bathroom remodels for the Raleigh area. They provide a range of different services, from changing a simple loose tile to a complete bathroom remodel. The team of professionals is courteous, punctual, and highly competent in their field. Areas of expertise include tile, granite, painting, flooring, carpentry, trim, wood rot replacement, real estate punch lists, and sheetrock.

The bathroom is arguably the wettest room in the home with multiple sinks, a tub, a shower, and a  toilet. When a shower or bath is taken, the room is exposed to an immense amount of moisture. Showers are often connected to a tankless water heater for unlimited hot water, lending the shower sauna-like features. As a result, the bathroom, one of the smallest rooms in a home, is a mold spore’s utopia.

Hidden Water Damage in the Bathroom

The potential for water damage in the bathroom is considerable because of the extensive plumbing and many possible leak points. Many of the potential leaks may be hidden or hard to spot. Here are some examples where, if a leak occurred, it would be difficult to notice.

  1. Sink plumbing located behind the wall
  2. “P-trap” pipe concealed under a cabinet
  3. Sink supply line and faucet connection
  4. Toilet tank and supply line
  5. Toilet wax ring
  6. Shower plumbing located behind a wall, such as the showerhead connection and the hot and cold supply lines
  7. Shower drain
  8. Shower floor cracks
  9. Shower door
  10. Skylight roof leaks

How to Spot Signs of a Hidden Water Leak

Though the leak may be “hidden,” evidence of the leak is detectible. Here are several tips on how to spot a hidden water leak in the bathroom.

Visually inspect the bathroom. Look for stains on the ceiling, walls, and floor. Look for pooling water under the cabinets, beside the toilet, and next to the shower or tub. Look for black, brown, or green discolorations under cabinets, behind furniture, under rugs, and around the toilet tank. Periodically check in the crawl space under the bathroom for leaks. Inspect the insulation for moisture and wetness.

Listen for sounds of dripping, pouring, splashing, or spraying water. The room must be quiet, but water does make a distinctive noise.

Conduct a sniff test of the bathroom. A mold infestation may be detected by its pungent odor before visible signs appear. Sniff for moldy or mildew odors in rooms that share a wall with the bathroom.

Has anyone experienced eye, nose, throat, or skin irritation? Was there an asthma flare-up? Sometimes brain fog and nausea can signal a mold infestation.

If suspicions of water damage or a mold infestation are aroused, contact a plumber or general contractor to carefully inspect the situation. Water damage repair and mold mitigation may be required to make the room livable and safe again.

Allowing a water leak to continue can lead to advanced secondary water damage, which may be more extensive than the initial damage. Wet sheetrock can degrade and must be replaced rather than simply dried and repaired. Wall studs may warp and crack. Baseboards can suffer a similar fate as the wall studs. No longer salvageable, the baseboards may need replacing. If not quickly and thoroughly dried, flooring may require extensive repair or replacement. If the leak is not halted, subflooring will eventually absorb the water, warp and expand, and need to be removed and replaced. If extensive water and mold damage has occurred, the entire bathroom may need to be gutted and repaired. Acting quickly can save time and money on repairs.

Turn a Bad Situation Into a Dream Bathroom Remodel

A worst-case scenario may actually turn out to be a best-case scenario, especially if homeowners insurance will pay for some or all of the repairs. Working with a competent remodeler, such as Oak City Glass, who knows insurance could result in the best of both worlds. The damage repair is paid for by the insurance company. Strategic planning with the contractor and the bathroom design team could parlay the damage repairs into a fabulous bathroom remodel project.

The Oak City Glass bathroom remodelers have over ten years of experience installing a variety of glass shower enclosures, including framed, semi-frameless, hybrids, 3/8 custom, serenity (barn door style), and bypass shower enclosures.

Customer satisfaction is a core value of this small, family-owned and operated business that strives to be known for its hard work, best quality, and family-friendly business. For more information about how to turn a bathroom water damage disaster into a dream remodel, contact Oak City Glass at (919) 710-8662.