How to Find the Best Enclosures at Shower Door Shops

Oak City Glass

According to the CDC, over 230,000 people visit the emergency room every year for injuries after a bathroom fall. Slippery bathroom floors or splashed water and soap from an open shower are a treacherous combination. Oak City Glass is one shower door shop that presents an easy solution with beautiful shower enclosures.

Six Tips for The Perfect Shower Enclosure

Installing a shower enclosure will keep the rest of the bathroom dry and elevate the room’s aesthetics. To help shoppers pick the best enclosure for their shower space, Oak City Glass recommends the following shower door shop tips:

1. Measure It Carefully

Before visiting any shower door shop, it is important to measure the available shower space to the millimeter. Select a fitting enclosure and door, or order a custom one. If the enclosure is too large for the current space, the homeowner might have to consider returning the item or contacting an Oak City Glass bathroom remodeler for adjustments.

Accurate measurements will include the width and height. If the shower enclosure features a pivot door, there must also be sufficient space at the sides to fully open the door.

2. Visualize the Bathroom

Sliding shower doors are ideal for small bathrooms or corner shower stalls that can’t accommodate a swinging door. Sliding doors are also suitable for bathtub showers or enclosures with a wide opening. If the bathroom has limited floor space, Oak City Glass recommends installing a round shower door—the curved glass design has a minimal shower footprint.

3. Select an Appealing Shower Door Frame Design

A typical shower door shop offers frameless and other shower enclosures. Framed doors are a classic and reliable design, including an inside track that stops splashing and prevents leaks onto the bathroom floor beyond. Quality frames feature stainless steel, aluminum, or composite materials in various colors to match the shopper’s preferred aesthetics.

Shoppers might opt for a frameless design. Frameless enclosures are easier to clean and make the bathroom feel more spacious.

4. Choose a Thick Glass Door

Thicker glass on shower enclosures means that the structure is less likely to crack or shatter. The thick layer of glass also makes the door more stable, which is often easier to open. Framed enclosures are more durable because the frame provides extra support for the glass. 

If the design suits a frameless enclosure better, the shower door shop will typically recommend even thicker material. Frameless doors typically feature glass at least 3/8 inches thick to compensate for the lack of support.

5. Experiment with Glass Opacity

In a typical commercial space, privacy is a priority. The shower enclosure should have frosted or textured glass, but there are many other options. For example, custom options may include shower enclosures that can double as a glass mirror.

In residential spaces, homeowners with small bathrooms could instead opt for a clear glass enclosure. The extra light creates the illusion of a larger bathroom, and privacy isn’t in question.

6. Consider Aesthetics

Besides keeping puddles and soap off the bathroom walls and floors, a shower enclosure elevates the aesthetics significantly. Check the shower door shop for an elegant glass enclosure or other shower door hardware that matches the bathroom’s existing finishes. For example, Oak City Glass offers textured and patterned glass enclosures in different designs to speak to various tastes and preferences.

Oak City Glass is the leading shower door shop and window installation service provider in Clayton, North Carolina. The company has shower enclosures to suit commercial and residential preferences and a comprehensive glass repair service for damaged bathroom enclosures. Contact Oak City Glass today at (919) 710-8662 to learn more about their shower enclosure services in Clayton, NC 27520.