Six Issues That Call for Residential Glass Repair Services

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Oak City Glass is family owned and operated.  They pride themselves in offering Clayton, North Carolina, residents quality glass installation and repairs at the best possible prices. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority. Their reputation is important and they work hard to exceed expectations of their work. Happy customers return again and again, so they make sure their services are second to none.

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Six Reasons to Call in a Residential Glass Repair Expert

#1: Water seepage

When it rains and water gets into your home, you have a problem. Your glass door or window might have reached the end of its useful life. Or perhaps a windowpane has hidden damage or has loosened. 

Whatever the cause, stopping water seepage early is essential. Even minor leaks cause serious problems like mold and rotting wood. Small leaks quickly grow and your glass windows and doors must keep out the worst weather. A glass repair expert can diagnose and solve your water seepage problems, so call one in Clayton, NC, today!

#2: Noise

Do you hear neighbors and traffic more than you used to? Maybe your exterior glass no longer protects you sufficiently from noise because a seal has stopped working or perhaps your home was constructed with poor-quality glass and the neighborhood has become loud enough to notice. A glass repair expert can repair the seals in your windows and doors, and a window installation service could upgrade glass to double or triple panes, dramatically reducing noise.

#3: Foggy panes

Most glass fogs occasionally. A difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures causes condensation on the warmer side of glass windows and doors. However, when this happens repeatedly, you might have a problem. When glass functions correctly, drafts remain outdoors. Glass might keep fogging because drafts have found a point of entry. Or perhaps you need to upgrade to better-quality glass. Whatever it takes, a residential glass repair expert can help keep glass fog-free.

#4: High heating and cooling bills

Rising energy bills are another reason to upgrade window and door glass. Glass degrades over time, becoming less energy-efficient and leading to bigger energy bills. Or perhaps your home was built with low-quality glass. A glass door and window installation service can refit your home with energy-efficient window and door low-E glass, with later savings offsetting costs.

glass repair services

#5: Sticking doors and windows

Opening doors and windows shouldn’t be hard. If you are struggling, an expert can fix sticking windows or jammed doors. A bathroom remodeler or a specialist from a shower door shop can keep your shower doors sliding.

#6: Stains and scratches

Fogging on interior fixtures like glass mirrors can be fixed by glass upgrades. Even chipped and scratched glass tables can become dangerous over time. An expert in glass repair and glass mirror maintenance can solve these problems and keep your family safe. Oak City Glass is Clayton’s biggest and most respected residential glass expert. They pride themselves on excellent customer service and look forward to learning how they can help you! They are located at 3945 Powhatan Rd, Clayton, NC 27520

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