Top Benefits of Using Custom Glass Mirrors

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If you’re considering upgrading your home’s appearance, you may think about painting the walls or investing in new furniture. Surprisingly, one of the best ways to spruce up your home is by installing a custom mirror.

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Oak Glass City is a small family-owned business that specializes in glasswork for custom mirrors. Here, the bathroom remodeler discusses how your home can benefit from a glass mirror installation.

What Are Custom Glass Mirrors?

Custom glass mirrors are not products you can buy from a store. Even if the base product comes straight from the production floor, the glass may have additional work to tailor its appearance and functionality to its owner’s specifications. You can customize a mirror by changing its shape, color, edging, and size.

Glass mirrors are not limited to bathroom vanities. You can include them in any section of the house.

5 Benefits of Custom Glass Mirrors in Your Home

1. Makes Rooms Look Spacious

If you want to make a small room look more spacious, installing a custom glass mirror will get the job done. The glass will reflect the openness of the space, making the area feel larger. The effect is contingent on the mirror’s size; the bigger the glass, the more spacious the room will feel.

For maximum effect, add mirrors to narrow hallways to widen the path, or install one in a powder room to make it look less cramped.

2. Increases Light Coverage

Light also reflects off glass mirrors, doubling the illumination in your home. Not only can you position the custom glass to reflect light from lamps, but you can also angle the mirror to bounce natural sunlight from a window into the house. You can enjoy additional lighting without raising your energy bills.

3. Gives Your Bedroom a Personal Touch

Adding a custom glass mirror to your bedroom is an excellent way to give your private space a personal touch. Professional mirror designers can form the glass into any shape or fit a recessed mirror behind a dresser or desk so that you have immediate access to storage space or functioning lights. The possibilities are endless, and your bedroom’s mirror design can be uniquely you.

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4. Acts as a Statement Piece for Interior Design

Instead of using paintings, photographs, or furnishings to create a focal point in a room, consider using custom glass mirrors. You can fit these items with attention-grabbing decorative frames. When you place them on the most prominent wall in the room, the mirror will automatically draw your eye.

5. Provides Additional Home Security

Brick-and-mortar businesses often use strategically placed mirrors to view blind spots throughout the property. The same effect works in residential properties. When you place mirrors in specific areas, namely around doorways and corners, it becomes easier to see anyone in your home. 

You can use the mirrors as a security measure against trespassers or keep watch over your loved ones out of your direct line of sight.

Why Oak City Glass?

Oak City Glass in Clayton, North Carolina, is known for its superior craftsmanship, quality products, and friendly services. They offer everything from custom glass mirror installation to window installation service. 

To begin your custom glass mirror project, contact the experts at Oak City Glass today.