When to replace windows or call a professional glass repair service

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When businesses or homeowners notice problems with windows, like broken glass or foggy panes, they often wonder whether it’s best to call for a replacement or schedule a glass repair service. The choice between repairs and replacements depends primarily on the reason for and type of damage. 

Below, the professionals at Oak City Glass offer advice on when to seek a quick fix or comprehensive glass repair service in Clayton, North Carolina.

When To Seek Glass Repair Service for Windows

Appearance Defects

Windows are a major factor in overall curb appeal. If windows are looking weathered or damaged, repairs are usually more than enough to restore the fixtures to like-new condition. For instance, a repair service could instantly improve the window’s appearance by patching small holes in the window frame and concealing the work with a fresh coat of paint.

Broken Glass

Cracked or shattered glass is a common problem. These damages often occur as a result of storms and high winds or something accidentally striking the pane. Homes with a chip or fracture in a single-pane window benefit from a glass repair service to fix the damage without replacing the entire window. 


According to the Washington Post, drafty windows cause skyrocketing energy bills from air loss and could even lead to pest infestations. Whether the air seeps into the house from a broken pane or faulty weatherstripping, drafts are usually simple problems to address. 

 If damage or caulking is the issue, replacing these inexpensive parts stops air from seeping into the structure. However, if the entire window is drafty because of incorrect installation or a shift in the settling, the whole window unit may need replacing.

When To Replace Windows

Condensation Between Glass Panes

Windows with two or three layers of glass sometimes become foggy from condensation between the layers. Moisture typically gets between the glass layers when the window sash fails. It isn’t possible to wipe the condensation away, and visibility also suffers.

Trapped moisture also reduces the window’s insulation capabilities and energy efficiency. The damage compromises the entire window, and a replacement will be necessary.

Warped Frames

With a warped frame, the structural integrity of the window is at risk. Minor frame damage is repairable, but a warped frame needs replacement. 

Shifts in foundations and temperature fluctuations can affect how the window fits into its wall slot over time. Moisture damage from weather or faulty gutters can also cause the frame to bend or crack in response. If left to rot, the glass could also shatter as the frame deteriorates further.

Rotting Wood Frames

Wood rot around window glass can occur around the frames, sashes, or dividers for the panes. Decay occurs from prolonged exposure to moisture. Paint usually protects wood from moisture, but water can reach the wood and cause mold if the coating peels.

Early signs of wood rot are repairable with patching and a new paint job. However, many people don’t recognize it until the problem advances, which affects the integrity of the window. In those cases, replacements are a more reliable option.

Professional Window Installation Service in Clayton, NC

Window replacements are necessary where there are warped frames, rotting wood, and condensation in the layers of glass. Oak City Glass specializes as a shower door shop, glass repair service, installation and glass mirror repair service, and custom shower enclosure service. 

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